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Paid ads are one of the best ways to instantly see results. We are specialists at getting your business in front of the right audience at the lowest cost possible. With over 3 billion searches a day on Google and 2 billion monthly active members on Facebook there’s ample opportunity to reach your ideal customer. Our industry expertise allows us to target the right customers on the right platforms at the right time. If you are looking to drive conversions today then find out more about our paid ad management.

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Why Should I Hire SRJ Digital For Paid Advertising?

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Increase Sales

The fastest way to increase sales is to increase qualified leads. With paid advertising you are always in front of your ideal customer so your sales funnel is always full.

Manage Costs

With our paid ad services we ensure you are getting maximum ROI. Our expertise allows us to maximize conversions while optimizing your ad spend.

Get Straight To The Top

Paid ads will put your business straight to the top of Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. Giving you the best chance at winning new business.


With paid ads you can decide when you want to advertise and to who. That way you can maximize your budget and focus it on the right customers during the optimal times. This control reduces wasted spend and increases conversions.

We are always booked now that we started running paid ads the difference is night and day!

Serenity Remodel

We Find Customers Ready To Buy!

Google Ads

Google is the largest search engine and their other company Youtube is the second biggest. Between these 2 platforms you have access to billions of customers on a daily basis who have a high intent of buying. We know exactly how to reach them and convert them into buyers. Whether you are selling a service or a product we can leverage the power of Google to achieve your goals.

Engage With Customers Where They Are

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With so many people on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis, its the perfect place to get your business in front of your customer. With social media ads you also have the ability to engage with your audience. With likes, comments and messages you build connection with your audience instantly and can convert them into customers and disciples.

Reach Business Owners On Demand

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is THE B2B social network. It's the best place to connect with other industry professionals, executives and stakeholders of all kinds. Our ads will target your ideal professional and get them to engage with your business.

Areas Of Expertise

We can take your brand to the next level with our world-class web design services.

Healthcare Ads

We help doctors, dentists, chiropractors, cosmetic practitioners and medical spas drive qualified leads and ensure their practice is fully booked.

Roofing & Remodeling Ads

We help roofers, remodelers, solar installers and cleaners drive quality leads at the lowest cost.

Tourism Ads

We help tour companies, tourism boards, hotels, hostels and rental companies stay fully booked.

Legal Ads

We help lawyers and attorneys consistently bring in more clients and increase cases.

Finance Ads

We help accountants, lenders and fintech companies scale their business fast.


We help HVAC companies pay less per click and increase their ROI

What They Are Saying…

Paid ads have increased our business significantly and keeps our calendar full.

Thompson Landscaping

We never realized the power of what paid ads could do for our business. Now we couldn't live without it.

Joint Therapy

Paid ads have revolutionized our company. Our busy season is busier than ever and we see increased business in the off season as well.

Motherland Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are paid ads important?

In this day and age most buying decisions either start or end online. And most of your customers will look on Google, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. You want to ensure that your business is there when they are looking.

What makes you different than other paid advertising companies?

We make the process of web design super simple. With an average turn around time of 1 month we learn about your business and then get straight to work creating a website that gets results. We make sure you are happy with your new investment.

How much does a paid advertising cost?

We are specialists at managing PPC campaigns that are highly profitable. Its our goal for your to see significant ROI with our services. Our minimum ad budget is $3000 per month and can scale with your business. We charge a 20% management fee with a variable setup fee that can be waived.

What does the communication and reporting process look like?

With PPC we send weekly reports and we have monthly checkins where we discuss your intended goals and how we are progressing. We can respond to necessary campaign changes promptly.

Is there a long term contract?

There are NO long term contracts. We allow you to go month to month with all of our services. We do recommend a 3 month time span to allow for optimization and fine tuning.