Imagine wide shots of majestic city skylines, moving pictures of forests taken from above, and serene, cerulean waters from the eyes of a flying figure. These are the subject and specialty of UAVs. Bird’s eye view took a spectacular upward turn when drones were created to suit aerial photography needs. 

While you might be skeptical about adding drone videography to your cart of marketing needs, this might just be the modern perspective to lure the masses to your wedding event business or real estate agency. Here’s a wide-angle look at drone videography and what the service can do for your business.

What is Drone Videography?

drone videography

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to capture high-resolution images from aerial views. “Breathtaking” would be an understatement to describe the unique and captivating allure of these videos.  

Drone videography takes your viewers up around hundreds of feet to hover over whatever your business needs them to notice: an event, a piece of real estate, that new headquarters, your factory— you get to control what the drone focuses on. The wedding industry has taken particular domination over the drone videography circuit but who’s to say nuptials are the only use for this versatile service?

Drones are handled by an operator on the ground who can see the live preview of the camera as the video is being taken. This makes it convenient for them to facilitate an array of cinematic images with creativity. 

Who Can Make Good Use of Drone Videography?

Real Estate Companies

To provide a good perspective for your potential buyer’s drone videos provide the following: 

  • A better view of the actual size of the property for buyers wondering about its capacity 
  • Shots of the general location 
  • Gorgeous moving images of the area to entice possible customers


People can flock to tourist attractions and museums after watching enticing bird’s eye view shots. The following are some uses of drones for tourism

  • Aerial footage of the scenery to attract tourists to the area
  • Wide-angle view of the entire area for possible visitors asking questions
  • Website or YouTube video content to gather more people to come to the place

Property Management and Development

Drone videos provide the following angles for property management and development:

  • The process of construction and the safe, meticulous manner in which it is made
  • A clear view of the materials used to ensure security and stability

Event Organization

Memorable events like weddings and baptisms as well as action-filled ones like sports events need shots of the following to convey charm and liveliness:

  • Wide shots of outdoor pools, arenas, and courts to display the facility as a whole
  • Emotional images of momentous occasions driven by beautiful locations
  • Moving proof of the size and numbers at festivals, concerts, and sporting events

Universities and Schools

Campuses can hold incredible views. Here are some videos drones can provide your educational institution:

  • Aerial videos of the entire campus to show its range of facilities and buildings
  • Beautiful images of the gardens, fields, and courts
  • If the library and halls are large enough wide a celebration of these areas through capturing videos can show its depth and vastness

What Makes Drone Footage Unique?

It’s all about the full picture with drone videography. The angles and movements render potential customers mesmerized, speechless in the beauty of whatever it is you are selling. A unique mansion with masterfully planned geometric architecture? A seafront beach house ready for the taking? A villa with glorious landscaping? 

Bask in the picturesque through your personalized drone shots specifically tailored for your product, business, and purpose. Zero in on the details that make the property or event pop. Sometimes zooming out is what makes the viewer zoom in. 

Drone videography services are driven by two aspects that make it an exclusive section of video making. First off, the device itself, the UAV, is an expensive piece of equipment. Purchasing one for your company to use only a few times might not bring in the same returns. Secondly, using a drone takes experience. Merely buying a drone will not guarantee you will know how to control it, much less create cinematic wonders. 

4K ultra HD videos that can be produced through UAVs showcase the stunning design of a location, the crispness of the quality grabbing the hand of your prospective buyer and bringing them on a helicopter ride. 

Benefits of Drone Photography

drone videography

Drone photography can bring a plethora of advantages to your photoshoots, same-day edits, website content, etc. Here are some ways it could be an asset to your business: 

Take Dynamic Motion Shots

Capture energized action shots good for focused, play-by-plays of any sporting event or wedding ceremony. Drones can hover above these legendary or momentous occasions for real-time footage. 

Enhance Your Virtual Tours

The internet has brought new, novel ways to explore businesses even from afar. Websites with virtual tours as a live event or as an organic part of the website have become more widespread. Museums, farms, factories, schools, and real estate companies make good use of drone videos for these virtual tours. Their customers want to know about the look of the environment even from a remote location. A walkthrough can help provide that insight and intricacy only shown through hovering videos. 

Drones provide crisp shots that always appear straight even if the camera gets moved or bobs in some way. This makes it easy for it to take organic videos from a bird’s eye view. 

Display Browsing Footage for Location Finders

Customers will always want to know the specs of a product before they buy it. With locations for events or purchasing, these specs include realistic images and videos of the place. The tactile approach of the drone flying over or near the environment makes your customers feel that they have stepped into the location itself. 

Grab Their Attention

Stand out with drone footage hovering about your product for some unique shots. Powerful moving images attract people to your videos. Static pictures are not going to put you above other businesses. Standard videos lump you in with everyone else. Drones provide the kind of perspective only available to the heights they can achieve. 

Attract New Blood

The National Association of REALTORS Research Department released in their 2017 report that 99% of millennials look to the internet for their real estate needs. Boomers still come in at half of that percentage. With millions upon millions of choices on the market going that extra mile especially on the aesthetic aspect can bring in the leads. As the future of real estate and events move towards more digital means to get information, beautiful imagery that only drones can provide are a must-have. 

Learn About What You Can and Can’t Do

For America, the Federal Aviation Association is the go-to for the rules on using UAVs. Commercial operators will need to become FAA-Certified Drone Pilots to use it for commercial processes. This involves a test and registration of your drone. 

In some countries, you will need “permission” from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) if you want to fly unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial reasons. Going through a training course with classroom lessons, theory exams, and a flight assessment is required for permission. These regulations are needed because drones can weigh thousands of pounds and incompetence can end in disaster. 

How Much Does Drone Videography Cost?

Prices can range from $200 per minute or more. Premium prices drive up to $1000 per 2 minutes. These costs include the professional that will be handling the drone and their work hours and experience, the drone itself and its use, and sometimes the editing of the videos. These might seem like hefty prices but the videos are ones that you can own and use for the rest of your company’s foreseeable need of the footage. 

Final Thoughts

Many types of businesses can make masterful use of drone videography for marketing. These moving images pepper through websites and YouTube videos enhancing the brand image and providing perspective into the ratio of a location but more importantly into its gorgeous and unique spots and features. Your website or social media platforms can benefit from the picturesque and stunning views provided by UAVs.