Lead generation is the biggest asset to a solar company. Leads are where you create interest in solar energy, present your proposal, and show prospective clients why they should choose your business.

Compared to traditional door-to-door solar marketers, using modern and real-time lead generation techniques will considerably boost your sales volume. So, how do you generate solar leads that will serve you long-term? Let’s find out.

What Is Lead Generation in Solar?

solar lead generation

The solar business is a fast-rising industry in the US. This trend owes much to an increasing number of homeowners and companies choosing to go green. Even so, it takes a lot of research before a client can install a solar system on their premises.

Lead generation in solar means sparking interest among people with your services and presenting your value to them. This means you have to show a prospective client looking to install solar why they should work with you, instead of another solar installation business.

“The best solar installation services near me” or “how much does a solar installation cost in my neighborhood?” are just some of the questions you should try to answer for your prospective customers. When answering these questions, the more honest and reliable your answer is, the happier the potential client will be, and the more likely they’re to seek out your services in the future.

How Do You Get Solar Leads?

Attracting qualified solar leads is a challenge even to the best solar companies. Buying solar leads does not always guarantee that you will convert them to clients.

You can use a few different approaches to get solar leads. The various approaches include:

  • Direct sales and advertising
  • Partnering with a solar lead company

Direct sales and advertising work to generate leads organically through strategic inbound marketing in your company’s marketing department. On the other hand, you can partner with a solar lead generation company.

Create qualified solar leads organically

A good marketing strategy goes further than just seeking out help from a third-party lead generation solar company. This way, you can limit inefficient, low-quality leads or budget overstrains from the expensive high-quality leads. Instead, you can focus on generating free solar leads without lead gen websites in-house by the use of strategic inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is a high-performing strategy among solar marketers. It involves focusing only on people who are actively interested in solar systems and guiding them to find your company. The plan talks directly to the customers who are looking for solar installation.

Below are a few tips for inbound marketing:

1. Know your audience

Selling solar relies on accurate, real-time information. Clients will want to have a firm understanding of everything there is to know before investing in a solar system at home or in a commercial building, therefore, profiling your audience means you can stand in their shoes and answer any questions they have—only then can you attract high-quality solar leads.

2. Focus on content marketing

Content marketing is where you set yourself apart from the competition. For the best solar lead generation, ask yourself, “What content do potential solar buyers want?” Give your clients reasons to interact with you from the beginning. You can do so using well-organized and concise information. Base your content on location, interest, and income levels, and provide the most appropriate answer.

If you cannot create the content in-house, you can call in a blog writer to help customize your content. Using videos to explain the solar installation process or even guides for homeowners also helps create interest in your solar leads, which inclines them towards your services.

3. Encourage your prospective solar leads to take the first step

To convert that solar lead into a client, you need permission to contact them. And this happens when they take action first and get in touch with your sales team.

You need to encourage them to take action. It could be a “free quote” where your prospective leads fill in their contact information or a ‘live chat’ to initiate communication.

4. Partner with a solar lead generation company

Joining hands with a team of professionals in the solar industry can revolutionize your solar sales. When working with a team like Modernize Solar Leads, you can transform your experience with homeowners.

These lead gen companies connect homeowners with local contractors, making it easy to convert these leads into active clients.

How Much Does a Solar Lead Cost?

solar lead generation

Solar leads cost between $20 and $130, depending on the requested service, the geographic service area, and the lead quality.

On average, a residential solar installation lead costs between $40 and $70, while a commercial lead sells between $65 and $125. On the other hand, a solar repair lead for a residential client costs between $15 and $35, or $28 and $51 in the case of commercial clients.

Partnering with a lead generation solar company has its pros and cons. For instance, you get access to solar leads quickly and easily, however, you risk spending money on low-quality leads. So, before you settle on a company to partner with, see if they have a free solar leads trial, which could mean free residential solar leads for a trial period and can help instill some confidence with the potential partner.

Connect with More Leads to Grow Your Solar Business

Lead generation is key to successful sales for a solar business. You need to generate more leads to have more clients. Buying qualified leads from an exclusive lead gen website could see your business boom, but you will need a budget for that. Even so, it is worth it, and when combined with inbound marketing, you convert leads into clients faster to help take your business to the next level.