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Reputation management has become an essential marketing function. These days customers have more power than ever and reviews can make or break a business. Bad reviews or no reviews at all can have a high impact on a customer’s first impression of a business. And most likely they will choose the business with a better online reputation. Let that choice be your business. We specialize in getting feedback from happy customers and increasing your reviews on the most important platforms in your industry.

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How Can I Benefit From Reputation Management?

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Increase Sales

With a stronger online reputation your customers will feel more confident in buying from you. This increased conversion rate will grow your business consistently and improve your brand equity.

Reliable & Effective

Reviews have been a force on the internet for a while now and they aren’t going anywhere. If you can continually increase your reputation then you can reliably grow your business.

Beat The Competition

If you look at who is dominating your market you will see they most likely have a lot of reviews. That means if you can get the same amount or more you have a better chance of winning the sale. We will help your business stand out from the competition with tons of 5 star reviews.

Gain More Control

Online reviews give the customer an extraordinary amount of control over the reputation of your business. We can help you take back control by managing, removing, responding and generating positive reviews.

When we started we had no online reviews. Hundreds of reviews later we can see a major increase in new business.

Unique VoyagesOwner

Increase Positive Feedback

Review Generation

Reviews are like the online credit score for your business. And not having any is just as bad as having negative ones. We help you generate tons of positive reviews from your current and past customers. This will help you offset any negative reviews you may currently have and give you a leg up on the competition.

Respond & Remove Reviews

Multi-Channel Review Management

With our full service review management service we respond to reviews across all of your channels professionally to ensure you are present and engaged with all your customers. We also work to remove any unfair negative reviews from disgruntled customers or competitors.

Ensure Accuracy & Consistency

Citation Management

One important aspect of a strong online reputation is ensuring your core business information is accurate and consistent across all channels. Many directories can heave different versions of your address or name and this can get you penalized by Google. We thoroughly comb the internet and make sure all of your citations are correct.

Gather Feedback & Increase Referrals

Survey & Referral Campaigns

With an increase in reviews you can start to gather feedback from your customers that you can use in your business. We can enhance this feedback by sending surveys to your past customers and incentivize their response as well as referrals with rewards. We will then analyze all of your feedback and provide actionable insights to improve your business.

Areas Of Expertise

We can take your brand to the next level with our reputation management services.

Healthcare Reputation Management

We help doctors, dentists, chiropractors, cosmetic practitioners and medical spas increase trust and grow their authority.

Roofing & Remodeling Reputation Management

We help roofers, remodelers, and solar installers gather positive reviews and stand above the competition.

Tourism Reputation Management

We help tour companies, tourism boards, hotels, hostels, rental and activity companies increase their sales and stay ahead of the competion.

Legal Reputation Management

We help lawyers and attorneys consistently raise their authority and become the go to resource in their location and industry.

Finance Reputation Management

We help accountants, lenders and fintech companies improve customer relations and grow trust amongst their community.

HVAC Reputation Management

We help HVAC companies stand out in a crowded marketplace with high reviews.

What They Are Saying…

We've seen a huge increase in reviews as well as referrals since we started prioritizing our reputation.

Caperville Historic Tours

Our reviews help customers come in with a sense of trust and comfort since they know they can expect a professional and friendly experience.

Huntington Chiropractic

Our reviews look great whenever I check them out in Google thank you!

SunnySide Heating & Plumbing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reputation Management?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which describes ways to increase your website ranking in search results. There are many factors that play into a website’s ranking and they are segmented into on page and off page factors. We have a strong understanding of all of these factors and what it takes to leverage them to your advantage.

What makes you different than other reputation management companies?

We are experts when it comes to brand marketing. We have a strong understanding of how to grow your brand online using the latest proven strategies. We are with you throughout the whole process so you know exactly what we are doing to grow your business.

Does reputation management really help?

Yes SEO is actually one of the most effective ways to grow your cannabis company online. Without the option for paid advertising SEO is the only way to predictably grow you brand.

How much does reputation management cost?

Our full service reputation management services start at $500 per month and scale with your business.

What kind of results can I expect?

SEO is a process that takes time to see results but once they do come in they pay dividends. When you first start a campaign it generally takes about 3 months of consistent work to see your rankings improve. But as we continue the results will be exponential over time. We will give you an estimated timeline of when we should see you on the first page of Google.

Is there a contract?

There are NO long term contracts. We do offer discounts for longer term agreements and some services we do recommend a 3 month period to accurately gauge results. But we never lock you into a contract that you are unaware of.