Our Story

SRJ Digital [Surge Digital] is a digital marketing agency that specializes in organic solutions that drive results and separate you from the competition. Our company was born out a desire to create marketing that does more than just sell but serves the customer and breaks through the saturation of traditional marketing that your customer sees everyday. This mindset is at the core of our L.E.AN. process where we focus on growing your business through creating quality relationships and engagement not quantity of ad spend. We treat all of our clients as partners where we are just as invested in growing your business as you are and want to ensure that you see measurable growth.

We have found that our L.E.A.N. strategy converts much higher than traditional marketing methods and costs a lot less. In this ever-increasing digital world, the desire for human connection becomes more essential. We use innovative and organic methods where we leverage technology to build qualified relationships with your target customer while minimizing ad costs. This is much more effective than just talking at your customer through ads that cost a ton of money. We realize that your time, effort and money are precious resources and so our priority is based on efficiency and effectiveness. We all know what it’s like to spend a bunch of time and money just to get leads that aren’t qualified. Our focus is not just to generate leads but qualified sales appointments that are booked on your calendar, organically.

Our L.E.A.N. strategy comprises of 4 key steps. Learn, Engage, Attract & Nurture. We take to time to learn your business and gather key information like:

  • What differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Who your ideal client is and what are they looking for.
  • Exactly how many appointments you need on your calendar each week & each month.
  • How many contracts or clients do you need per month to hit your targets.
  • What Revenue Generating Activities are you’re going to use to book these appointments.
  • How much it currently costs you to gain new clients.
  • How much time it’s going to take to fulfill on the service.
  • Who else you’d need to get on your team to help you fulfill on this service.
  • How you’re going nurture your new leads with on-going communication.

Through this learning process we are able to craft high-converting messaging that engages DIRECTLY with key decision makers without dealing with gatekeepers or being salesy and qualifies them before you even get on a call.

Next we attract your ideal customer by leveraging technology with organic methods that don’t require any ad spend and drive inbound leads consistently.

Finally we help you to nurture your new leads using cross channel marketing to maximize your ROI and establish trust and omnipresence with your customer leading to a funnel full of qualified sales appointments.

Our solutions are customized to achieve your business goals so whether you want to increase sales or grow your online presence, we can help.

We specialize in helping businesses and creatives get a surge of new growth and grow their brand organically.

Find out how we can help your business by booking a free strategy session or reach out to us with any questions you have.

Our Process

The L.E.A.N. Strategy
We focus on learning everything about who your target customer is and what motivates them and how your product or services can help address this. We also extensively learn about your business so we can differentiate you from your competitors and position you effectively.
We engage DIRECTLY with key decision makers and without dealing with gatekeepers or being salesy and use high-converting messaging to qualify them before you even get on a call.
We Attract your ideal customer by leveraging technology and using organic methods that don’t require any ad spend to keep you costs low and ensure a high ROI.
We realize that nurturing relationships is just as important as creating them. We use cross-channel marketing to create an omni presence and ensure that your client trusts you and desires to work with you.

Industries We Serve

We specialize in B2B businesses
Coaches & Consultants

We help coaches and consultants book more clients and grow their brand so that they can focus on growing & improving businesses.

Healthcare & IT Solutions

We help health IT companies get more sales and adoption from practices, hospitals and consumers.

Finance & Fintech

Whether you are a financial advisor or wealth management consultant we can help you acquire more clients under management. We also can help your Fintech business whether it’s a payment, lending or invoicing solution we can help you get more SMB clients.

Home Services

We help home service providers generate high quality leads so they can focus on doing their best work.

Local Businesses &

We help local businesses get more foot traffic and grow their business.

SaaS Companies

We help digital agencies drive more leads so you can focus on delivering great service while we focus on growing your business

Real Estate

We help commercial and residential realtors get more qualified leads and increase their pipeline of qualified buyers and sellers.


We help educational institutions increase their enrollment rate and create synergistic business relationships.

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Meet The Founder
Stephen Johnson

My journey in digital marketing started over 10 years ago before Facebook advertising existed and when SEO and Google Adwords were concepts some knew but only a few mastered. I realized that the internet was the best place for small businesses like mine to succeed as traditional forms of marketing were to expensive and dominated by the big players. It was a huge medium with the ability to target billions of small audiences, right where our core customers lived.

As many other people came to this same realization the costs and competition for paid ads began to grow. This required a new evolution in my approach to marketing and this is what led me to create SRJ Digital. I wanted to help businesses reach their core audience without having to invest a ton of ad dollars and chase clicks. This required a more human connection, something everybody wants but is getting lost more and more in this digital world. I am committed to building and nurturing authentic relationships not only in life but also in business. This missing link is what my L.E.A.N. strategy is all about and I believe it can be the missing link to helping your business succeed as well.

Stephen Johnson SRJ Digital

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