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The main bottleneck that keeps many B2B businesses from scaling to the degree they desire is the lack of a full sales funnel. These days leads aren’t enough, that is why our L.E.A.N. sales approach goes one step further by booking actual sales appointments for you with prospects who said they are interested in exactly what you provide. We have helped countless businesses scale their B2B service offerings and maximize their ROI. Find out how our lead generation services can help your business.

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How Can I Benefit From L.E.A.N. Lead Generation?

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Increase Sales

We become your sales team and do the hard work of prospectign and qualifying for you. This helps to increase conversions as now your are only dealing with customers who need your solution and have the budget.

Effective & Efficient

By reducing the time you are prospecting, cold calling and emailing you are able to be more effective in leading your business. This not only saves time but reduces costs.

Beat The Competition

The majority of your competition is still selling the old fashion way. Let us help you leverage the power of technology and move into 21st century selling. This will give you a significant edge on your competitors.

Reduce Costs

The best thing about our L.E.A.N. approach is that it does not require paid advertising to generate sales. Our organic approach keeps your costs manageable and allows you to maximize your ROI.

We have now been able to predictably scale our business and increase our bottom line. Our conversion rate has increased significantly.

Clark's AccountantsOwner

Research & Positioning


We focus on learning everything about who your ideal customer is and what motivates them. Then we position your business differently than your competition to effectively show your audience how your product or services are their ideal solution.

Targeted Outreach


We engage directly with key decision makers without dealing with gatekeepers or being salesy. We create a full profile of your most ideal customer and then create effective outreach campaigns to connect with them at scale.

Effective Messaging & Strategic Qualifying


Through our learning process we are able to craft high-converting messaging to qualify them before you even get on a call. This not only presells them but also minimizes your time spent with unqualified prospects.

Follow Up & Close


We realize that nurturing relationships is just as important as creating them. With our mutlitouch and cross-channel approach we build a connection with them helping to build trust and excitement about working with you. This approach will lead to them booking an appointment at a convenient time for both parties.

Areas Of Expertise

We can take your brand to the next level with our L.E.A.N. sales approach


We help medical suppliers, billing, associations and wellness programs connect with key stakeholders and create new partnerships

Commercial Roofing & Remodeling

We help roofers, remodelers, and solar installers close more commercial projects.


We help tour companies, tourism boards, travel agents and hotels increase corporate bookings and create partnerships.


We help lawyers and attorneys connect with corporate clientele and speed up the sales process.


We help accountants, lenders and fintech companies connect with corporate partners and create strategic partnerships.


We help HVAC companies diversify their clientele and work with commercial clients like property management companies.

What They Are Saying…

We have been able to scale predictably and increase our bottom line.

Clark's Accountants

We have been able to expand our business significantly into new areas and with clients we had not focused on before.

First Gen Security

Now that we have a solid sales system in place we can focus on improving our service offerings and customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than other lead generation companies

We are experts when it comes to brand marketing. We have a strong understanding of how to grow your brand online using the latest proven strategies. We are with you throughout the whole process so you know exactly what we are doing to grow your business.

How much does the service cost?

Our LEAN Lead generation services start at 1500 per month and scale with the level of your business.

What kind of results can I expect?

SEO is a process that takes time to see results but once they do come in they pay dividends. When you first start a campaign it generally takes about 3 months of consistent work to see your rankings improve. But as we continue the results will be exponential over time. We will give you an estimated timeline of when we should see you on the first page of Google.

Is there a contract?

There are NO long term contracts. We do offer discounts for longer term agreements and some services we do recommend a 3 month period to accurately gauge results. But we never lock you into a contract that you are unaware of.