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Security Marketing

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Security companies don’t always leverage the power of online marketing, instead relying on referrals as a primary source of  leads. With the power of online marketing we can make your security company the go to service in your area for events, executive protection, residential security and more. If you are looking to take your company to the next level and thrive in the new era of increased protection then you need to embrace the power of online marketing.

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Of Businesses Start Their Search For A Security Solution Online


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Why Should I Use SRJ Digital For My Security Company?

We Can Help

Secure More Contracts

With strategic online marketing we can grow your security company helping you to acquire more contracts and adding more monthly recurring revenue to your bottom line.

Industry Expertise

We understand what it takes to position your brand as the authority in your market. Our industry expertise will help you secure many more contracts.

Increase Referrals

Through social marketing and email we help to increase referrals from current and past clients.

No Contracts

Even though you love contracts, we don’t require them. We don’t lock you into any long term agreements without you’re knowing.

We worked with a few agencies in the past but we weren't really impressed with the results. When we started working with SRJ Digital our practice really took off and we are very happy.

Knox Security Ltd.

Win New Contracts

SEO & Paid Ads

Google is the first place many of your customers will start looking for a security solution. Through paid and organic marketing we will ensure your business is positioned as the ideal solution. Our proven strategies allow us to scale your business across different markets and consistently drive qualified leads.

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Become An Authority

Reputation Management

We establish your business as an authority in your market by ensuring that your reputation precedes you. With a strong online reputation and a lot of positive feedback, you are sure to become the go to security company in your market.

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Connect With Business Owners At Scale

L.E.A.N. Lead Generation

With our L.E.A.N. strategy we connect security companies and protection services with businesses and executives looking for your services. If you are looking to scale the amount of b2b contracts then this is for you. We connect you with decision makers in your industry who are qualified and ready to talk.

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Increase Conversions & Credibility

Security Web Design

When customers find you online you want to make that your website inspires credibility. By having a professionally designed and secure website your visitors are much more likely to convert into leads if they find it fast, easy and trustworthy. Our web design team will create a website with an enjoyable user experience that drives conversions.

Discover The Benefits Of A New Website

Increase Referrals

Email, SMS, Social & Chat

Referrals have always been a major source of new business for security services, but digital marketing has revolutionized the industry. Now you can skyrocket your referrals through social media, email and sms campaigns. By leveraging technology you can engage with a much larger audience and create a consistent source of new business.

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Areas Of Expertise

We work with a variety of different private security companies and protection services.

Home Security

We help you home security companies dominate their local market.

Event Security

We help you consistently land more event security contracts.

Executive Protection

We help executive protection companies acquire more contracts.

CCTV Installation

We help cctv installers get more contracts.

Building & Construction Security

If you offer building or construction site security we can help.

Cash Transit

If you offer cash transport services we can help you grow your business.

What They Are Saying…

Before we started working with SRJ Digital our online presence was minimal at best. Our website and marketing has made a huge differnece.

Knox Security Company SA

I am very pleased with our improved marketing capabilities. We have seen an increase in our case load as well as more referrals.

Sentinel Security Services

Our experience working with SRJ Digital has been exceptional. We have seen significant return on our monthly marketing and only plan to continue to grow.

Certified Protection LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need online marketing for my security company?

Yes, businesses are searching for security services online more and more everyday. It is important to have a strong online presence to continue to thrive in today’s digital world.

What services do I need?

The first step is to get a free audit of your online presence where we do a comprehensive assessment of your website, reputation, social media, rankings, and competition. We’ll also provide you actionable insights so you have a blueprint and a road map of exactly how we can achieve your goals. All we need is your url and an email to send it to. Get yours

What makes you different than other security marketing companies?

We have experience growing security services online so we understand what it takes. We are focused on getting you more qualified leads and ensure that we are transparent and communicative throughout the process.

Does online marketing for security services really work?

Yes in fact it is essential. All of your clients use the internet and if you want to continue to connect with them as technology becomes more pervasive then you need to have a strong online presence. Just take a look at your biggest competition and see if online marketing is working for them.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results depend on a few factors including your goals, budget and local market. Once you complete our audit and we have a call to hear about your goals and then we will provide our recommendations and a roadmap to achieving your goals so you will have timelines and accurate expectations.

How much does security marketing cost?

Prices range dependent upon your services and what results you would like to achieve and how quickly. But our recommenced marketing spend starts at $2000 per month and our websites start at $5000.

What does the monthly reporting and ongoing communication process look like?

All of our clients get comprehensive and easy to understand monthly reports that we can review with you. We ensure that you aware of the work done and results achieved that month and how we are progressing towards your goals. You can connect with us at anytime with questions and we ensure you get a response within 24 hours or less.

Is there a contract?

There are NO long term contracts. We do offer discounts for longer term agreements and some services we do recommend a 3 month period to accurately gauge results. But we never lock you into a contract that you are unaware of.