Demand for landscaping services just keeps on going up these days with the 2021 State of the Industry report estimating a total revenue above 99 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Within that huge number, around 503 USD per household is spent on lawn care and gardening, in particular. The report presents high numbers but for lawn care businesses who specialize in only this specific aspect, the chunk of the whole pie turned out to be 13% from the entire landscaping revenue. 

Cases might be different for you but you surely prefer the phones to be ringing than dead silent. How can your lawn care services get more leads that will eventually translate into customers? Continue reading for some tips to strengthen your lawn care lead generation strategies

What is Lawn Care Lead Generation?

Before skipping ahead let’s talk about what a lead is. A lead is anybody who checks out your services and could become a customer. If you have gone window shopping, you know that looking around does not always guarantee that you will buy a product but more people considering your products is a lot more welcome than having no one at your store. This would be the first step in getting a lead but is not yet part of lead generation.

But there’s an extra step to lead generation. Asking your potential customers for their profile and contact number can ensure a successful transaction down the road. You might do this by having potential lawn care customers fill up a survey asking for demographic details. This is what lead generation is, a digital marketing strategy that involves learning about your clientele so you can understand how to make that sale or get them to use your service.

From the information gathered in the survey, for example, later on, you can personalize your approach according to what you know about your potential customers. Know what makes them tick and what can make them use your lawn services. Depending on someone’s current stage in life or job they can respond to very different types of sales talk. All of this information adds up and benefits your brand and business. 

Lead generation can be very profitable in the long run as you can turn skeptical onlookers into clients with communication and targeted marketing. That sure beats having to call everyone in the phonebook. Some people might not want to be asked about lawn services. Talk to people who do. 

Tips to Elevate Your Lawn Care Lead Generation 

Below are various tips you can implement into your lawn care lead generation strategy to achieve the best results possible and ensure you see genuine growth in your business and overall happiness and satisfaction from your clientele.

Post Yard Signs Whenever You Finish A Job

lawn care lead generation

When you see a product or final result with your own eyes you can feel a lot more confident in choosing that service or product moving forward. That’s the reason why physical stores still overpower their online shopping counterparts. In lawn care, you can show people exactly what your work looks like in their neighborhood. Yard signs can be incredibly enticing as people walk by John or Mary’s newly mowed and watered lawn while they go back to their lawns filled with weeds or dead grass. You can even use QR codes on your yard signs to bring your customers right to your website for that next lead. 

Make Sure Your Lawn Care Website in Top Quality

Speaking of websites, making sure your very own website is effective and easy-to-understand is important so potential customers can navigate through it easily. Use Lawn care SEO (search engine optimization) to get people over to your website in the first place. This includes a mix of online and offline strategies to get people to your website and start exploring. You can even choose to pay for digital marketing services if you want to boost the traffic to your website. About 1-3% of the “window shoppers” on your website are most likely going to be qualified leads. 

Use Effective Email Marketing

Once you have gathered information from your prospective clients either from your website, online promotions, or other online resources, in exchange for their details, setting up effective email marketing can be extremely helpful in keeping your business or product in the minds of people looking to avail to lawn care services. Compelling subject lines— the first thing your leads see in their inboxes— can go a long way. Seasonal emails about holiday sales or discounts can remind old customers about your presence as well. Make sure your emails have a touch of your brand’s personality to hit a home run and to create a clear brand image in your clients’ minds. 

Share About Your Customer Referral Program

If you already have a customer referral program in the mix and continuously making its rounds— awesome! You are already one step ahead. Nothing beats your customers joining in on the lead hunting. Them talking about their great experience with you can bring gains for your brand. But don’t forget, you need to talk about your customer referral program too! Create posts about it on social media, talk about it at promotional events. This strategy can form a loyal community of customers.

Final Thoughts

lawn care lead generation

Leads equal customers and your lawn care business can thrive from those numbers. Lead generation is one way to infinitely increase your leads through online means, a step in today’s Internet-driven world.