The legal profession has always been considered essential, as it covers almost all other industries, from labor to investing. What’s surprising is that a recent event has caused an increase in demand for legal services. The pandemic boosted the need for more legal professionals as corporations and other organizations look to fill in niche departments.

For many companies, the change in the environment brought by the need to minimize risks of exposure intensified the need to hire lawyers who specialize in specific areas. An example of this is the increase in cyberattacks and data compromise because of reduced security due to work from home setups. Other aspects of the business have also observed needs for expert attorneys, specifically those who work per contract.

As a lawyer, you want to make sure that your practice benefits from the noticeable boost in demand for legal professionals. This requires an improvement in your marketing strategies with a special focus on the current situation.

Digital Marketing ToolsNow, aside from traditional practices, you are probably already using some form of digital marketing tools such as social media and websites. The only question is, are you using them properly? Are your strategies designed to maximize the resources you already have and the options you can add?

If you are unsure of what to say, then you might as well say no. Digital marketing has the potential to boost your business at a low cost, but only if you use it correctly. Read on to know more about using this practice to boost your number of clients and cases using digital tools.

The Need to Go Digital

Before you rush into this more tech-based way to market your practice, it is important to understand why strengthening your digital campaign is a great move. You probably know how almost every individual today has some form of device to access the internet, be it a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. This is the reason why you should focus on your tech-based marketing.

The internet has become the world’s playground, with a wide variety of activities to do, content to consume, and everything in between. Most users go online for leisure but a good portion turns to the internet to cater to their needs. They may be looking for answers to their questions or looking for service providers to get solutions.

If a user is looking for a lawyer within your area of specialization, you want to make sure that they find their way to you. This is where digital marketing comes in. The great thing is that while some may only be online for recreational purposes, you can use the same platform to inform them of your practice.

Now, these reasons to choose the digital method may be generalized, but on a more particular level, the need to go digital is amplified because of the pandemic. More and more individuals are looking for ways to minimize the need to go out of the house. The solution? Work from home arrangements, teleconsultations, deliveries, and for lawyers, online communication methods.

This type of marketing plays a huge role in connecting all these customers to the service providers they need. So, as the pandemic increases the need for lawyers, it also boosted the need to shift to a digital platform, and this is precisely why you should focus on your tech-based marketing campaign.

Research shows that more and more law firms are switching to information technology solutions to adapt to the new normal. They have funneled funds toward creating a system that works not only for them but also for their clients. They have also been developing a new and virtual business model that lets them get more clients.

Whether you are with a law firm or an independent practice, this kind of adaptability is what you need.

Digital Marketing as a Leverage

Now let us talk about tech-based marketing’s potential to boost your law practice. You need to be able to cater to new and existing clients on a platform they prefer. In light of the pandemic, the preferred platform is the internet, in general. Here are your options in doing so:

  • Social Media

Let us start with the most popular and widely used platforms: social media. Almost anyone who has an internet-capable device is sure to have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The main attraction to these sites is that they offer maximum connectivity among individuals. In fact, many people get updates about news and current affairs through their social media feed, making these services an extremely powerful tool.

When used to your advantage, you can use social networking sites as a way to open communication lines with your existing clients. Some can send get in touch with you through instant messaging via your practice’s page or profile. They can also comment on your posts.

While these may seem informal venues for such a formal industry, social media is what people have and prefer, which means that you need to adapt. Once you get back to your client’s queries, you can move to a channel that is more formal and appropriate for business reasons such as emails, phone calls, or even teleconferencing.

  • Accessible Website

Aside from social media, a website is another best option when it comes to catering to your clients’ needs. As mentioned above, you probably have a website, especially as it is one of the most basic resources for any business in this modern age, and your practice is definitely a business. You can and should use this platform to gather more clients.

As a marketing tool, your site serves as your virtual office. Instead of walking into your headquarters to inquire, new clients will browse your website to see what you have to offer. This is why it is standard for websites to have an About Us page and Services page. This shows who you are as a lawyer and what you can do to help.

However, a written description here and there is definitely not enough, especially for a complex profession such as yours. Every case is different and varying aspects of the law applies, even if you focus on your area of specialization. This is why a consultation is required.

As your prospective client is already on your site, you do not want to lead them to social media just so you can talk to them. The best solution to this is a contact feature that lets clients send queries straight from the site. Leaving your contact details is also an effective way to encourage them to get in touch.

  • Optimized Content

Now, you might be wondering how you can get potential clients to visit your website. The answer to this is through optimized content. Your website will contain texts, images, and even videos to serve as informational materials. However, these contents can be more than informative posts, but also marketing tools.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website’s content so that it ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Simply put, SEO lets you take your site from the depths of millions of law website, into the first page of search results. So, when potential clients search for services you offer using Google, for example, your website will be shown on the first page, and with some effort, at the top spot.

The Legal SEO Advantage

SEO is not just a technique you do once, then never again. It is a continuous process of optimizing your website and its contents to improve your search engine ranking. It can also take time before you see organic results. However, implementing a legal SEO strategy offers great advantages.

First, it ties in with other digital options such as your website and social media accounts. Deciding to optimize your content also means overhauling your website to make sure that it is compatible with your SEO campaign. An optimized website is not only attractive-looking but also organized and well-thought-out, complete with the right metadata for every page.

When you post content on your website, you want to make sure that it has the right keywords. This is why it is important to take time for keyword research. A combination of targeted and general keywords can be effective in reeling in users who make queries using specialized words or broad ones.

Say, you have a following on social media, how can you get them to visit your website? You can do this by posting some of your site’s content on your feed with links to the webpage. Add an attractive caption, then encourage them to click the link. This is a tried and tested way to increase website traffic. Engaging and valuable content can turn these visits into leads, and these leads to sales.
Digital Marketing Tools

The Bottom Line

The law sector is fast adapting to recent changes. You need to keep up with the times to get new clients and you can do this with digital marketing. For help with legal SEO and other techniques, make sure to work with a digital marketing agency to get the best results.