Everyone in Austin, Texas is looking down these days— not at the ground but their smartphones and laptops, and most of the time they want to do it in comfortable temperatures. With the internet and HVAC going hand in hand in the upcoming years, you might want to pay attention to how both intertwine to generate more sales for your HVAC business. 

It would be a mistake not to go for online marketing strategies when trying to attract more customers to your HVAC company, website, and products. This enticing process is called lead generation and one of the most effective strategies in lead generation is search engine optimization or SEO. 

This article jumps into answering your questions about lead generation, what SEO is, why SEO matters, how SEO can generate more leads, and what to look for in your SEO agency of choice according to your fellow Austin SEO customers. 

What is Lead Generation?

Before you can get a grasp on SEO you might want to better understand what lead generation is. First off, a lead is a piece of information on a potential customer which may result in a sale at a future time. Details can come in the form of their profile information, email address, reasons for coming to your website, etc. All this information is important in creating more specific strategies to catch your clientele. This can be done through their continuous exposure to your brand through events, online presence, and many other methods. Furthermore, lead generation is considered to be the methodology of acquiring more leads through online means. 

HVAC services are constantly improving and with it comes to its marketing teams and lead generation strategies to boost the number of people who will flock to your products. Moving forward, does your marketing budget fit in with the current prices of lead generation in the first place? Here are some numbers…

How Much Does an HVAC Lead Cost?

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You might hear different stories. Self-proclaimed experts could give you a price range of $5-10. Be very careful. Scams or simply shabby work could end with you spending money with little to no returns.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) themselves evaluated CPL and revealed that the average cost per HVAC lead comes close to around $250 to $300 for each lead. Facebook leads for HVAC are the cheaper option of the plethora of platforms available coming in with $40-60 per paid ad. Meanwhile LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft Search Ads Around 150-250$ per lead. These prices can balloon if not managed properly. As such, it is pertinent to use SEO to maximize the output from your input.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the developmental tool that can lead to more visibility for your brand. In particular agencies or brands use a webpage or website to land you on the top results for anyone typing on a search bar. The more “discoverable” you are the better for you and your lead generation strategies. 

There can be numerous operations within a company or organization that specialize in the task of beguiling your target audience to your page. Some brands hire entire teams to cultivate their brand presence on the world wide web for that lead generation. You want your HVAC services website or webpage to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the first page you see when you search for something online. 

How Does HVAC Lead Generation Connect to SEO?

Picture this: a random person in your area wants to know how to get their heater fixed. The client’s profile is in their early twenties. They’re always on their phone and they live by the motto: “Why do something you don’t know when you can hire someone to do it for you?” They get on their cellphones and decide to contact their closest HVAC company through an online website. They might type: “Fix heater Austin, Texas” on the search bar.

You would want to be the first hit on the list of websites to appear, right? More people browsing means more possible people buying. This is the first step of lead generation which eventually turns into a cycle, gaining you more clicks from interested customers. 

The next step for example might be asking for their contact information or email address. Strategies such as asking for future customers’ email addresses to read unique guides on your website can be an instant way to know more about your target audience. Chatbots can be set up on your websites to learn more about the demographics of your customers, making your services and brand image a better fit for them. 

SEO managers are in charge of overseeing the research to ensure your brand name is number one on the search engine. They drive the right people to your website using the information they have gathered from customer demographics and surveys. 

That is why you need HVAC SEO. Pushing your brand to the forefront of your clientele’s mind is the way to get them and keep them coming back. 

What To Look For In an HVAC SEO Agency

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Reviews about the top SEO firms in Austin show the incredible strengths that these groups have that showcase what you can look for in the SEO agency you would like to engage with. There are two main factors you should consider before choosing the right SEO agency. 


Prompt and straightforward responses are invaluable for you and anyone you work with. As such, looking for a group of people you can connect to easily is important. They will want to know more about your brand and you will know theirs through how they communicate. Many reviewers find immaculate customer service to be one of their most important aspects in looking for SEO teams. 

High Quality

The structures, research, and organization in an agency’s work show just how committed they are to their clientele. You know you are in good hands when the results show just what kind of work your SEO guidance has put into your website or webpage. More clicks, more leads, more sales— it might not come all at once, but SEO will have its fruits through your HVAC customers.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation and SEO come hand in hand to attract more customers to you and your HVAC business. Instead of darting around in the darkness of the interweb and being in the same boat as competition using similar tactics, you might want that targeted help that SEO can give you. Down the line, prompt and quality SEO guidance is an integral part of boosting your services’ sales.