The roofing industry suffered a significant blow last year when the current public health issue hit the United States. In the US, the faced a short-term issue in 2020 due to a drop in demands, especially with residential clients’ lack of liquid income, while commercial clients delayed big-ticket contracts.

The good news is, the residential portion of the target market is expected to bounce back quickly as it saw only a small stop in demand. For owners of roofing companies out there, the gradual recovery of the economy should be taken as an opportunity to step up their digital marketing game.

The best way to be one step ahead of the game is to take a good look at the primary platform for digital marketing – your website. You want to make sure that it is ready to take on the additional challenges of the new normal. Overhauling your site is a good way to start.

 Roofers Should Consider When Overhauling Their Website

Why Overhaul Your Roofing Company’s Website?

If you are wondering why it is necessary to review and renovate your website, you need to understand the importance of having the best site you can have, especially if you are planning to amp up your digital marketing campaign.

The first thing you should remember is that your site is your main location online. It is the virtual version of your physical location. You probably make sure that the site is presentable, accessible, organized, and efficient. The same kind of treatment should be given to your website.

Think of this project like you would roof services. Your clients contact you to bring their home’s main protection up to speed. They may need you to fix minor issues or replace them entirely for serious damages. With a functioning and reliable roof, your clients can get the ROI out of the amount they spent in the form of peace of mind and a trusty place to sleep in.

Similarly, having a fully functional and efficient website lets you make the most out of this platform that you invested in. If you think that getting a site is only an opportunity or an option you can choose or not choose, remember that having this platform has become a standard in any industry. Plus, the modern world runs on modern platforms, and the internet by far one of the most valuable advancements. Given the fact that websites are now an integral part of a business, you might as well maintain an effective and efficient one.

So, you already have a website. Why should you overhaul it? The simple answer is this: making necessary changes is vital to help you keep up with the standards. While you wait to review and refurbish your site, your competitors may already have a shinier and more profitable one.

Yes, your website can help increase your sales and revenues. Keep in mind that many of your current and prospective customers were able to find you through your website, which they discovered through online searching. A revamp can help your site appear in search results, especially on the number one page or spot.

Things to Consider During the Revamp

Now that you know why you should make some necessary changes to your site, you might be wondering how to proceed to make the project effective and worthwhile. There are many things to consider but some of the most important factors are:

  • Your Industry

    Currently, the roofing industry may still be in a slump, given the renewed wave of stay at home advisories and intensified care given to daily operations. In fact, many establishments once again closed down, leaving a lot of people without paychecks. So, these individuals who may need roof services may hold off on getting them.
    However, those who have dire need of your services are likely to get in touch with a service provider to have the issue addressed. You want to make sure that they consider you when looking for a company to hire. Your website can help increase your exposure via search engine optimization (SEO).
    Another thing you should consider is your competitors. Take a look at what they are doing on their sites. Are they implementing extravagant designs? What angles are they going for to attract more customers? Who are their customers and target market? Looking for these details can help you see what you need and want to do for your website in order to differentiate it from your competitors.

  • Your Brand

    Your website’s appearance takes into account a few different factors and the most important of these is your brand. A business’ brand is composed of its image, the message it wants to convey, the ideas and values it promotes, and the overall tone of its communications. So, you need to consider your brand when it comes to redesigning your site.
    If you only used attractive colors that have nothing to do with your brand, or if you fail to come up with branding at all before you designed your website, then an overhaul will definitely be helpful. Using your branding as a guide, you can decide on the colors, images, and fonts.
    For example, if you are targeting residential homes and clients who are environmentally conscious, you want to use colors that are associated with those. A more practical design, pictures, and font faces and styles are also necessary to capture the attention of your target market.
    Your texts, audios, and videos will also be based on your branding, especially the tone and message your content presents.

  • Your Target Market

    Above, we talked about considering what your target may want, need, and expect in thinking of ways to strengthen your branding. Your content and other aspects of your websites should also depend on your target market. Let’s go back to the example given above. If you are offering roofing services to eco-conscious homeowners, you want to make sure that your site channels this.
    Say you have decided on what color, images, and fonts to use. You now need to look at other aspects of your site. Do you want a fancy one with interactive sections? Perhaps you want to make it a more economical one with straightforward dropdown menus and dedicated pages. All of these matters to your target market, so it should matter to you when designing your website.
    Another thing you have to consider is the platform your target audiences are in. We talked about the fact that most of your potential and current clients use the internet. They are also likely using to be mobile phones and tablets.
    So, you want to make sure that your website is mobile compatible. Mobile compatibility not only refers to your site being accessible using mobile browsers but also being accessible without distortions.

How to Implement Positive Changes to Your Website

So, you may know what things to consider when overhauling your site. You also have an idea of what changes you can make to maximize the potentials of this platform. However, you may be wondering how exactly you can implement such changes to your site. For appearance-related factors, the only thing you should worry about is getting a web developer or web designer that can help bring your vision to life.

The thing about running a website is it has some behind-the-scenes action, which offers valuable contributions when used correctly. To illustrate, just think of your written content. Churning out written content may be easy for you as you are familiar with the topics you are writing about. However, you need to take into account roofer SEO to make the most out of your content.

“Why?” you ask. The main reason to implement an SEO strategy is it can help you rank higher in search engine results. Above, we talked about how your website can make your money by letting customers find you when they search for roofing services online. SEO plays a huge role in this. When done correctly, this strategy can help Google and other search engines find, index, and show your site and pages in search engine results pages.

An audit will help you know where to start. You will need to incorporate keywords into your written content. If you are posting videos, images, and audio files, make it a point to use keywords as file names or include them in the links. You should also revise your URL structure to include these keywords. Plus, take a look at your meta description or the short description shown in search results, as well as your page name.

This will drive more organic visits to your website over time. Just remember that organic results can become apparent after a while and not immediately because you will need to increase your site and pages’ authority, which plays a role in your rankings.

 Roofers Should Consider When Overhauling Their WebsiteThe Bottom Line

Your roofing company’s website can use an overhaul, especially if you have been running the same site for years without reviewing it. With the current economic situation and the challenges faced by the industry, your business can have an edge over your competitors just by overhauling your site.