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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will my website take?

    Your website development timeline is based on the amount of hours and feedback time.  Typically we can get a website done in 4 weeks but this can be extended because of special features, large data migrations or slow feedback. We will explain more on the kickoff call.

    Will I be able to provide input along the way?

    Your input is always welcome. We will get feedback at different stages to ensure we are on the right track.

    Do I need marketing for my website?

    If this is a new site you will want to drive traffic and leads. We can help you with this process just let us know on the call if you have any questions.

    Will you update the site after it's complete?

    We will train you and your staff on how to update your website and add new content. But if there is anything you need help with our services are available.

    Do you provide hosting?

    We provide secured cloud hosting with backups and updates for a nominal fee. If you would like to use your own hosting you are free to do that.