We are already in an era when people can check the legitimacy of a business or an organization online. Because of Google, it is easier to find things relevant to what a person is looking for, and oftentimes, it is also the place where employers conduct reference and background checks.

Now that almost all companies utilize the online technology to gather and verify information, it is easy to discover a candidates criminal records, credentials, and other personal information. If youre applying for a high-profile company and position, you want to have a good online presence and highlight your skills, qualities, and talent.

The question is, how will you do it? Aside from building a portfolio online, you can also resort to reputation management to improve your reputation online and gain trust from employers.

how more reviews can get your hiredHow a Good Reputation Helps

It is not enough that you are searchable on Google because anything can pop up in the search result that would taint your image or reputation. For instance, if you are once involved in a minor case when you are a teenager, this could potentially appear when someone tries to search your name online.

A good reputation gives you an edge because companies can have a good impression of you. There is an increase in trust as good points or information is presented. This is a powerful strategy that helps build your image and counter any negative comments or information about you.

Businesses and other high-profile individuals utilize reputation management to start from scratch and appear great online. For businesses, this is possible by creating a number of good customer reviews to hide or counter bad comments. This also works for burying bad employee comments and appear appealing to new talents.

On the other hand, individuals with a bad reputation from their past disputes can have a second chance and gain trust from an employer or a potential business partner or investor. Because the good reviews will pile up on Google, the bad ones can never be seen, unless a person gets through all the pages in search engine results.

Positive contents like comments and blogs about a persons character are included in reputation management. It is worth a try if you are planning to get potential employers to notice you and avoid seeing bad things on search engines. Additionally, good reviews can vouch for your competence and serves as a reference for your character and skills.

Online Presence as the New Business Card

Google is an advanced online tool that provides relevant answers to queries online. By typing a few keywords, you can easily get answers in a millisecond. This short time is utilized by employers to find anything suspicious about your record and profile. Hence, think about your online presence as the new business card.

As a candidate, the goal is to impress the employer and consider you for the job. If you dont appear anywhere in Google, this translates to being irrelevant. This is a disadvantage because savvy applicants can hit the jackpot and take over the position. Remember that online presence is powerful and can say a lot about a persons character.

Most of the time, recruitment specialists look for candidates online and verify the information on Google. Aside from websites, these professionals look at social media and Linkedin. Before, human resources only look at your resume and test results to see if you are qualified. These days, companies utilize a number of tools to check whether you are trustworthy, skilled, and reliable.

Reviews Can Help You Land Your Next JobHow Reputation Affects Chances of Getting Hired

As mentioned, a lot has changed in terms of the process of recruitment. Because most people are active on social media, some employers utilize different social platforms to get to know the applicant and determine whether his or her character met the job requirements.

Aside from qualifications and experience, employers also want to learn about a candidates personality, interests, and see if he or she is a good fit with the company culture. Interviewers arent supposed to ask about sensitive topics, thats why they try to seek Googles help instead.

Given the competition, turnover costs, training, and compensation, employers would want to know that you are right for the job and you wont cause problems for the company. To put it simply, employers would want to know if a candidate is worth the cost and time or not.

If a candidates bad reputation appeared in Google, there is a higher chance that the employer would move to the next applicant. Why? It is because they dont want a potential problem that would cost the company its reputation. Hence, your online reputation matters so the employer wouldnt have to question your professionalism and your character as a whole.

Going back to the link of reputation in getting hired is an applicants personal life and lifestyle. If a person publicly shows that he or she uses drugs or demonstrates bad behavior online, then this is already a negative point. Poor discriminatory comments, dissing previous employer and co-workers, and inappropriate photographs reflect a persons character. No employer would want to hire a person that showcases bad behavior.

Getting Started

In case you have a horrible past that you want to hide or bury online, the best thing to do is get reputation management service. This is not only applicable to businesses that are trying to create a good image online. Individuals who have a horrible past can start anew by building a good image and getting good reviews.

Reviews can come in different forms, particularly a feedback from a job well done or a good comment about the product or service. In case you happen to have a bad reputation, you can simply consult a digital marketing agencyto know the process and find out your options.

Typically, the expert conducts an assessment and gives a free audit so you know what you are dealing with. This initial step will help you identify whether you can afford the service and how to measure the results.

Aside from reviews, the digital company can recommend other ways to get positive results on search engines. Be it a blog about you and your services, or a platform showcasing your skills and talent, the specialist can do the job for you.

The servicing company can also respond to reviews and remove bad feedbacks. The bad ones can help you strengthen weak points and improve your skills. The reputation management service is applicable to all practitioners, especially doctors, lawyers, businessmen, lenders, and accountants.

Other Tips to Improve Reputation Online

While the digital services company conducts a number of ways to improve your brand or reputation, you can also proactively improve your online presence. Follow these tips to make sure your name is presented in the best light possible.

  • Expand Your Presence

If you only have social media accounts, you can also upgrade to having your own website to showcase your talent, skills, and portfolio. Basically, this platform provides a glimpse of what you can do and what you offer to clients or employers.

Most candidates create their own site or page to allow recruitment specialist to review sample works and other integral information. This is the reason why in some company forms, candidates have the option to provide a URL of his or her personal page or website.

As much as possible, try to have an account in most popular social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. This will help provide information about you, your network, and the things you do.

  • Publish More Content

Now that you have a number of social media accounts and a website, you can be relevant by posting new content or sharing useful blogs. Make it a point to only post content related to your career and not about politics and religion.

In your personal social media account, you can share helpful articles, references, and other good content. To appear professional, dont post inappropriate photographs and personal information. Try to respond to comments positively and do not engage in social media disputes.

  • Act Right on Social Media

To further enhance your reputation online, you should always act right. Read about the etiquette when using social media and never engage in warfare with anyone. Remember that it takes a while to improve your image and a simple mistake can ruin all your efforts.

Never make any rude comments to other peoples posts as this also appears when searching your name online. Always be civil and think first before posting anything on social media and on your website.

Reviews Can get you hiredConclusion

Reputation management is one way of improving your image online. By consulting a digital solutions company, you can get away from your horrible past, move on, and start anew. Experts can help you get good reviews for your skills, talent, and character. This way, you can be ahead of the competition and land a job.

What are your thoughts on improving a persons reputation to get hired? Leave a comment below.